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Leverage SAP HANA platform to provide a scalable in-memory solution with SAP Marketing Cloud

Understand your customers at the individual level and intelligently engage them at scale. Modernise marketing with real-time performance insights and data-driven decision making.

Develop a single view of first party customer data across the enterprise and gain deep insights to deliver personalised experiences across channels and departments. Transform your marketing with multi-channel attribution and centralised performance management, so you can better understand the impact of your campaigns and make more informed marketing decisions.


A true enterprise marketing automation soloution

SAP Marketing Cloud is the only marketing suite which can provide everything a marketing organization needs in one application, with one user interface, on the very same in-memory database in the cloud or on-premise.

  • Big data segmentation with geo segmentation, buying probability, predictive scores

  • Rule-based permission marketing with consumer self-service

  • Highly personalized multi language marketing content with product recommendations

  • Multi-channel flow-based campaign design and execution

  • Intelligent lead scoring to prioritize the right leads

  • Real-time success tracking and predictive analytics

  • Marketing budget and spend planning

  • Deep integration to CRM and ERP applications

  • Real-time text and sentiment analysis

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