Customize, extend, and build all the apps you need

  • Build, expand and customise all the apps you need to change the way you work

  • Gain a competitive edge using PowerApps and Power BI

  • Integrate with Dynamics 365, Office 365 and Azure

  • Enable anyone without coding knowledge to build apps fast and easily


  • Drag and drop lets you build and design applications fast

  • Start from pre-made templates or a blank slate making it easy to design the App to your liking

  • Easily connect your app to data sources

  • Use familiar Excel expressions to add logic

  • Directly publish your app to the web, IOS, Android, and Windows 10

Power BI

  • Gain easy insights from your data

  • Connect any data and draw analysis from it

  • Create automated visual reports to share across web and mobile

Combine PowerApps with Power BI to analyse and surface data within your apps to allow you to take action.
Create an app for every need

Without writing a single line of code, apps can be created with capabilities like GPS, camera, pen controls and multi-device availability. Customise these to your business needs, creating visually striking apps.

Extend your apps with built-in developer tools

Further extend the capabilities of your application using built-in Azure functions and custom connectors. Gain the ability to insert apps straight into websites or other tools, creating a cohesive, multichannel solution.

Manage and analyse your app data securely

Automatically take data from multiple sources and place it in a cloud-based storage solution. Build further apps using the same data. Define automatic workflows, data validation, and business processes using Logic.

Data visualisation culture

Give the ability to visualise data to all users, allowing them to share insights and better collaborate with colleagues across your organisation.

App intelligence

Combine Power BI, Dynamics 365, Office 365 and PowerApps and gain deeper insights and enable faster, more informed actions.

Data-driven decisions

Use live Power BI dashboards and reports to present a combined view of data across your whole business that can assist in driving business decisions.

Increased ROI + 100%
Reduced Application Development Cost and Effort 70%
Increased Business Process Efficiencies 15%
122,850 Worker Hours Saved from Streamlined and Automated Business Processes* 100%

Data Integration with all your favourite apps

Secure and Safe

Insights and analytics can be drawn on security, data loss prevention policies, usage, management and monitoring of apps. Your apps are built on the global, secure and compliant Azure platform – giving you power and control, backed up by the peace of mind that your data is safe.

“I am proud of the way this team was able to unlock new insights and deliver these new mobile services to more than 900 field personnel, all without a professional developer on staff.”

Eric McKinney, Cloud Services Manager, Pepsi

“PowerApps is a great blank canvas, with easy-to-use templates, and seamless connectivity to all the Microsoft cloud services that we use. It took only two months from the time we started development until we launched the app in our first stores.”

Bruce Rioch, Chief Data Officer, Metro Bank
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