Flexible Edge Overview

Enterprise applications like SAP ERP can be slow and costly to respond to business requirements. Bluleader provides flexible edge solutions that leverage your existing ERP investment and allow your organisation to differentiate and innovate.

Using Analytics, Big Data, Artificial intelligence, Mobility and UX on SAP’s SCP and HANA Platform to provide the Flexible Edge to your enterprise application, we :

    • Create Innovative solutions that allow our customers to differentiate and add additional value to their customers.
    • Identify opportunities for process efficiency and profitable growth for our customers.
    • Measure process efficiency and improve UX where it improves the process effectiveness.

Our Bluview platform provides a configurable code-free environment with the following components work together seamlessly.

  • Guided analytics with the ability to take action
  • Form based applications for service request and other common requirements
  • Work flows and notifications
  • Collaboration and commentary
    Document management and unstructured data


While many of our consultants have strong back ground in EDW, SAP BW, BPC and Business Object, our focus and investment is in providing flexible edge analytics solutions. We specialise in SAP Analytics Cloud, FIORI Analytics Native HANA Information managing solutions and combining traditional enterprise data with big data, predictive and AI.

Our Bluview configurable FIORI Analytics solution combines guided analytics with the ability to take action and cooperate.

From a process perspective we specialise in Marketing, Sales and Service leveraging the strong Bluleader pedigree in these areas.

User Experience

Our user centric design approach uses design thinking, storyboards and wireframes. We believe It is important to continually review and adapt based on how users interact with the solution.

We can advise on your UX strategy: when to use SAP provides apps, app builders, custom FIORI and Native application. Our specialty is creating FIORI based solutions on the SAP Cloud Platform that combine analytics and transactional processing, Web, offline and native. When a non FIORI solution is more appropriate such as a consumer website or App we work with our e-commerce practice to deliver custom Angular or Hybris based solutions.
Our Bluview solution combines transactional applications and workflows with FIORI Analytics that guides the user to take action and collaborate.

Big Data and IOT

HANA is great for complex fast changing data but once you get large volume or streaming IOT data, unstructured data, web logs or you need to build a data lake or slow changing data you need a big data solution.

We work with HANA, Hadoop and IT streaming solutions on SAP Cloud platform, on premise, AWS and Azure.

Artificial Intelligence & Predictive

Artificial intelligence (AI) and predictive algorithms are increasingly being used in analytics and embedded into applications. Uses can include:

  • Forecasting sales
  • Recommending products,
  • Identifying at risk customers automating call centre and Service request functions
  • Predicting faults and optimising maintenance
  • Identifying products and parts from images.

Bluleader can help you use AI and predictive to solve a specific problem or to build and enterprise AI platform.