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210, 2018

Bluleader is awarded SAP Recognised Expertise in SAP Hybris Cloud For Customer (SAP Sales Cloud)

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SAP Recognised Expertise in SAP Hybris Cloud For Customer We are incredibly pleased to announce that Bluleader has been awarded the SAP Recognized Expertise Partner status for SAP Sales Cloud (Cloud for Customer).  SAP Recognized Expertise is awarded to partners who have met stringent requirements that demonstrate a depth of experience and show a proven track record of delivering

2509, 2018

Win the numbers game with data-driven sales

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Companies have recognised that big data is the segue for a strategic competitive advantage. Data has become the accelerator that has enabled businesses to gain a 360-degree view of their customers, allowing for greater control of the customer journey, increased influence on buying propensity, smarter analytics-based decision making and data-driven sales. Data processing techniques are becoming more sophisticated and

709, 2018

Data-driven sales using strategic revenue, margin and white space Analysis in SAP Marketing Cloud

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The internet has structurally changed sales field operations. In the past, salespeople played a vital role in influencing purchasing decisions although with the prolific amount of information now available consumers are significantly further down the sales funnel in that they are more educated and have access to more information about products than ever before. This new intelligence paradigm has

2908, 2018

Collaborate. Interact. Learn.
Business Leaders { CX } Breakfast

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Join business leaders and collaborate, interact with and learn from their recent CX implementations using SAP Solutions. Hear from key speakers Michelle Lucas (Lion Beverages), and David Williams (Metcash) as well as key executives from SAP Customer Experience (CX). The fourth industrial revolution is set to change the business landscape, and companies that are embracing Cloud technologies are sowing

2208, 2018

Rheem: Giving Customers a “Warm Glow” with SAP Cloud for Service

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When it comes to hot water, Australia counts on Rheem Australia Pty. Ltd. to keep it warm. As the country’s largest supplier of water heaters, Rheem has been manufacturing in Australia for over 75 years, and the company remains at the forefront of innovation in all forms of water heating technology. So, when the peak winter season arrives, it must be able to handle higher customer inquiry volumes, regardless of the communication channel.

1608, 2018

Creating Better Customer Experiences With SAP Sales and Service Cloud

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Carinity, a Baptist Community Services provider, are onboarding clients with the right services at the right time with SAP Sales and Service Cloud and SAP Partner, Bluleader

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