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If I have seen further, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants

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1608, 2018

Creating Better Customer Experiences With SAP Sales and Service Cloud

By |Customer Experience, SAP, Testimonials|

Carinity, a Baptist Community Services provider, are onboarding clients with the right services at the right time with SAP Sales and Service Cloud and SAP Partner, Bluleader

1308, 2018

World Cup lessons to give your business a competitive edge

By |Customer Experience, Customer Relationship Management, CX, Microsoft, PowerApps|

Russia is not normally a country we look to for tips on business technology, but as the dust settles after the World Cup, some lessons that translate into a business environment can be drawn from how the most successful teams overcame their opponents. Brazilian great Pelé once said: “When you control the ball, you control the score”. But that

2307, 2018

Getting ready for IFRS 16? You may need to review your existing processes

By |Finance, IFRS, SAP|

Companies may consider maintaining the status quo, such as using typical spreadsheet accounting. Unfortunately, this solution is likely to be a painful one if your organisation has a large volume of leases (jn excess of 100) and lease complexity exists. Accounting firms do provide bolt-on or standalone solutions that can align internal systems. However, these can often be

2307, 2018

Touch Point Optimisation: Using Text Analytics to build Positive Customer Experience

By |Advanced Technologies, Customer Relationship Management, CX, Marketing Automation|

In this article, we will discover how we can build a touchpoint optimisation strategy utilising speech to text, natural language processing, sentiment analysis, Marketing Automation and CRM. Customer experience (CX) is the sum of interactions between an organisation and its customers over the duration of the entire customer lifecycle. The two main areas of interaction include touchpoints, which influence

907, 2018

How will Enterprises deliver truly unique Customer Experiences that drive increased revenue?

By |Advanced Technologies, Customer Experience, Customer Relationship Management, CX, Marketing Automation|

Customer Experience or CX spans multiple disciplines and includes a complex web of customer journeys, touchpoints and environments. For the Enterprise, it becomes necessary to demonstrate the correlation between investment into customer experience and, following this, revenue growth to its stakeholders. This demonstration often becomes difficult to realise, as wholistic CX spans the entire value chain from production to

907, 2018

Introducing C/4HANA – the new SAP Customer Experience suite.

By |C/4HANA, Customer Experience, Customer Relationship Management, CX, SAP|

In a ground-breaking announcement at the recent Sapphire Now conference in Orlando, SAP unveiled a world first unified customer experience management suite called C/4 HANA. C/4 HANA brings together best of class solutions in CRM, Marketing Automation, eCommerce and Field Service Management The new portfolio, called C/4HANA, is a complement of CRM solutions that is a clear cloud-first play,

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